Free Ranging
Oct 16, 2008
Cappy, I hope your heart has settled down.
We both have heart devices. Annie's had 100% control of her heart. If the device fails, she is dead. Mine is more for fib control.
we both had them checked out last week.
Yesterday I worked on wine making all day. took lots of breaks, My back ached at the end of the day anyhow.. It feels good this morning. so I am going to take it easy today and not aggravate it.
I got two batches of wine completed and in the 5 gallon glass carbouys. One batch I have in a bucket doing a primary ferment.
I will get it into a carbouy in a few days.
Annie read me an ad from the paper. Blackberries, $1.19/6 ounces. I processed 60 pounds. at that rate mine were worth $190. 40.. the end product should cost me about $1.50/quart.

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