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    In helping people with ill birds as well as dealing with some myself i have a few things i do that many of you might find helpful.

    Birds having wheezing in the lungs due to illness:
    You can often find human nebulizers on craigslist for $20 or so. They are good to keep on hand. You can fill the medicine chamber with 1cc of tylan, LA200, baytril liquid etc, mixed with sterile saline. It makes the meds into a fine mist..... Find a clear plastic container with lockable lid, ( but not air tight) just big enough for the bird and a few inches, then make a hole in one side about one inch higher than midway, so the pipe of the neb will fit in. Now you have a medicine chamber. This helps get them meds deep into the lungs.
    Helps also for those that just can't give shots.

    Childrens Cold/Flu Elixir ( WAL for under $3) Grape flavor - I mix the cap full to a quart of water. The birds seem to like the grape flavor. Helps relieve sinus pressure, congestion etc.... in those I used it on. Will also let them take a sip of it from a bottle cap....
    Make sure it does not contain alcohol or pain relief

    Note; With all meds stick to one and use it , do not mix meds.
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    Oxine is good, too..
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    I've tried my Oxine, but not had as much luck with it.....but you can use it in the nebulizer also.
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    Quote:Thank you so much for posting this-I personally think this is GREAT information to have.

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