helping shy chick


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Mar 6, 2014
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My chicks are all around 10 to 12 days old now and very early on my cuckoo marans had a dislocated wing that I had to pop back into place and then bind. Well the binding is off and ever since I to fix her wing she has been very flighty and freaks out if we try to hold her. I dont blame her for being concerned that we might try to do something again, but I also want her to trust us and be comfortable with us. Anyone been in a similar situation? I want to get her friendly during this stage, my other 3 chicks are so fun!


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Jun 28, 2011
Handle it lots, but in a way that makes it feel safe. I found skittish chicks calm down when I cover their heads while holding them, or when I tuck them under my shirt and hold them there for awhile. Also give her a little treat now and then, a mealworm or two, so she starts associating you with good things.

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