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May 12, 2016
Dewitt, IL
Hi there, I have a question about behavior and I hope it hasn't been a subject beat to death already. This is my second year with chickens and I'm really considering breeding some of my favorite types. I never liked the thought of a rooster before but obviously, I need to have one to breed! I'm prepared to have seperate groups with different coops.

My hens are more pets than anything. This year I integrated my up-and-coming chicks and there's a couple cockerels among the pullets.

Now, my hens are friendly. They all squat for me, can easily be picked up and hop on me for attention. They also follow me everywhere.

How does a rooster change things? I won't put up with any human aggression, that's for sure, but what can I expect a good rooster to act like towards me? Will he stop the hens from acting the way they do when I'm involved? ( I'm a softie, I know ). Can roosters be affectionate like my adult hens?

Thanks for reading!

The Angry Hen

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Dec 17, 2016
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Let's see,
I have had 4 roosters at the same time. That did not work.
Some rooster that are raised together without hens and they are fine together,
but with hens... I am sorry to say... They will fight over the hens.

When they are at their 'teenage' years, they will be most rebel-like. When they are much older, how 'bout three years, or four; They will dial down a bit. But more likely than not, you will have some separating to do.

Remember, they might work it out. As long as their isn't too much blood, they will be fine.
If it gets to way too much fighting, sell, trade, anything like that. But be sure to get rid of the fight starter, not the fight breaker-upper.

I wish you the best of luck, even have a feeding station for every rooster you have. That way they can choose their hens.

Have a good day,
-The Angry Hen


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Jul 28, 2008
My good males have all been indifferent towards people, and that's the way I like it. You are better off not trying to make a pet out of a rooster. They are intact male livestock after all. Any ones that show aggression are butchered.

The hens have always acted the same whether or not a rooster was present. You will just have to monitor the males' reaction to what you are doing.

And most importantly, if you do start hatching make sure you have a plan for the excess cockerel chicks.

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