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Oct 24, 2012
Hi there,
Cosmo is the queen of my chicken coop, but she has taken to attacking Cheeko chicken in particular to the point I am worried she will kill her. Cheeko is an older girl and has trouble walking, so when Cosmo comes to attack her, it doesn't help that Cheeko cant get out of the way. When Cosmo does start attacking it is a relentless pinning, and then pecking at her wings, back, and head.
Cosmo has been isolated for the past two days to try and change her mindset. Any other advice as to why this is happening and how I can stop it

Thank you!


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Any other advice as to why this is happening and how I can stop it
Sorry you are facing this. :(

Sounds like your older hen is seen as a week link that could invite disease and attract predators. Your queen hen has decided to eliminate the weakness from her flock and your fear of her killing the older hen is SPOT on. She may even convince other birds to join in. :barnie

Separation out of sight for Cosmo so she has to work her way back into the pecking order, maybe more effective than in view of the flock. Pinless peepers for Cosmo. Or even a long soak in a hot bath with some aromatic herbs and veggies... is what I will sometimes offer a bully. :drool

But it is kind of a natural behavior. And not uncommon.

Really for Cheeko... dying slowly might not be that comfortable. You could consider Euthanizing her... :hmm

Lots of visual barriers in the pen... even a table or chair tipped on its' side. A box or trash can... whatever that will block the direct line of sight can be helpful. :fl


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@Eggcessive is right. Weak birds will nearly always be singled out for elimination. It is an ugly but natural aspect of chicken behavior.
The pinless peepers may work on Cosmo but another hen may take over the attacks if she too thinks that Cheeko needs to be removed from the flock.
Other than euthanizing Cheeko, she could be kept alone or with a low ranking hen in a small coop/run that is adjacent to your current flock so she doesn't feel alone but where the others could not attack her. She would likely have to stay there until she passes.
Sorry you are going through this. It's hard to witness. I've been through something similar. :hugs

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