Hen can't stand and pooed cooked egg smelling poo !!!!

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    I have aprox. 8 month old silkie polish cross that was fine one day and next day see her sitting around in her pen not walking. She is in with a few males and two other hens which all get along fine. One or two hens are laying but I still have not figured out who. She acts like she can't get up and her legs are out in front of her, and she trys to jump forward to move. She has been Vacc. for Mareks aswell as every one else. She seems a little happier after a warm bath and some liquid steriods, but still can't get up. I put some mineral oil in her vent because the night before I thought I felt and egg but this morning I can't. It's been 2 days since I noticed her behavior. She has been on layer since all the hens are the same age. She has been on wire for about 4 months now. I had given her some baytril the first day I noticed her not feeling well. Any clues? is she egg bound?
    My other hen I could tell for sure. I am keeping her in a dark room in the house and gave her 1/4 of a tums and put some bird vitamins in her food.
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    No one has a clue??????? [​IMG]
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    what happened to your polish silkie?

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