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    :(Two days ago a Siberian Huskie got loose and killed one of my Barred Rock hens. She was 10 months old and was a great layer. The dog's owner had been cited for a loose dog on two other occasions. He has offered to pay me for the hen. How much should I ask for? I'm not sure what to do. If I ask for too much I'll have to sue him in small claims court.. Ideas please?

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    Are you able to buy point of lay pullets in your area? If so, I would find out how much they go for and ask him for that amount, plus $5-10 for your time and gas to go pick her up. Alternately, you could figure out the cost of a day-old chick + 2lb feed per week x 25 weeks (the number of weeks it *could* take to get her to laying age).

    ETA: If he questions the figure you are asking for and you are able to explain to him how you arrived at that figure, he is less likely to refuse than if you just pulled a number out of thin air.
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    A hen costs maybe $20 plus the 1 bag of feed to keep her up to this point is about $12 plus the year of eggs you will now be missing out on (6 eggs a week, 52 weeks a year @ $4 a carton) equals $136.
  4. Explain to him that it is not the cost of the chicken, but the amount of time, effort and future eggs that have cost you.

    The dog will be back, I guarantee it. Tell him you will on the look out for his dog and either the authorities or a bullet is

    is in the future for it.

    Be sincere, be decent, but above all be convincing.
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    Quote:That is almost exact to our formula to replace a laying hen.

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    I believe you should go with the point of lay cost plus something for your trouble. Did you have any disposal or clean-up costs? This would be in addition to the trouble cost. If you go to court, you will most likely get replacement cost, not what it costs you to get and raise one to that age. I'd have the other calculation ready to show him if he balks.

    Since the replace chick costs about $2 to $3 from a hatchery and they are ready to start laying at about 6 or 7 months, I'd question the other calculation. You can look at vaccinations if you got your others vaccinated and you need to consider shipping. I don't think you lost 12 months worth of eggs. I'd probably use 7 months lost. Around here, farm fresh eggs are $1.50 a dozen just down the road from me. What are they in your area? How much are organic or comparable eggs in the whole foods or natural foods store in your area?

    I think you need to be careful with the calculation. As long as you can document it, it is fun to have. But if you set the cost of eggs too high, he can come up with point of lay replacement cost, subtract the value of the eggs you have already gotten and feed you fed during the time it was laying, and you may owe him money.

    If all else fails, your county extension agent's office should be able to help you come up with a replacement point of lay cost.
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    Point of lay cost ($20) + $20 for your trouble to go get one. I don't know where you are, but around here (Phoenix Metro) you can pick up a POL hen at almost any time of year for $20 or less.

    $40 with a kind warning about the dog getting out again.
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    I saw 17 week old chicks selling for 12 at a hatchery. I think 40 sounds good. I would kill the dog next time you catch it on the property. I had a husky come on my property and attack my dog.Cost 400 in vet bills.Next time I will kill the dog if I see it.
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    I bought 2 of the 12 week old "stared pullets". They are $12 but shipping was nearly $50. They have to be shipped overnight only.

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    the more the better i like th 136 idea
    if you kill a cow in Montana your responsible for the value of the cow and any offspring it could produce in the remainder of its life kill a high end bull your out millions, my dads cousin hit a bull with a UPS truck he drove he lost his job and UPS lost 2 million

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