Hen dead with no apparent reason...HELP!


8 Years
Aug 30, 2011
Hi...I'm new and I'm sorry to start out with drama, but I don't know what to do. I went out to collect eggs today and one of my hens was laying on the ground of the run dead!
I have 16 BO that are a little over 2 years old. I am in their cage every day to clean and feed everyone. No one has been acting lethargic or strange in anyway. I haven't changed food or snacks in about a year and a half. They do get out once a day to free range, but they aren't out very long and I don't see anything that is poisonous in the yard. It is hot here in Florida...96...but they have had two summers here already, and they are almost completely in the shade. They haven't been panting or holding their wings up. Everyone is fat and happy, so I don't think they have worms. No parasites that I can see. Legs and feet are smooth, no scaling. I looked for evidence of a predator, but I don't see any signs of anything. The only feathers she was missing were the ones the rooster routinely rips out during mating. Everyone's poo looks fine, except I noticed one blob that had a little green in it. Is that abnormal?? I am going to bleach out all the waters and dump all the food, clean the feeders, and put new food in. Can you think of anything else I can do to prevent anymore deaths? Thank you for any suggestions ahead of time!
Sometimes a chicken can have a stroke or heart attack just like people do. This will happen every now and then....

Just keep a close eye on the flock (which I can tell you already do) for anything unusual, but sometimes these isolated incidents do occur.
Thanks Sharon...I will keep an eye on them for sure.

SaraFair...I'm sorry about your rooster. I hope you suffer no more losses.

I cleaned everything again and I am checking on everyone every few hours to see that no one is having a problem. They all seem bright eyed and frisky...I hope they stay that way!
I found a SLW hen dead this morning as well with absolutely no signs as to why she died. I actually got on here to ask if anyone knew why and found this post. It's been over 100 degrees the last week here but that's pretty normal for my area, and they have plenty of shade/water as there are 2 trees in their coop and an auto waterer. I'm stumped! She was fine last night, and this morning I found her laying on her side with her head tucked to her chest. Any ideas?
Sometimes they just pass away. There probably nothing that you did wrong. With temps in the low 100s, you can almost expect to have a fatality. As the temps rise closer to 110, it is almost guaranteed that weaker animals will have difficulty dealing with the heat. You can try to keep them cool and do what you can, but sometimes it just happens.

I'm sorry for your loss.

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