Hen in nest box listless, panting, almost non-responsive

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    I just went to check for eggs and one of my Salmon Faverolle hens was sitting in the nest box closest to the fan I have hanging for ventilation; she didn't peck at me or even move when I went to check under her for an egg. I picked her up - no fight, no noise, nothing. She didn't feel any warmer than usual; her feet weren't hot; she was just sitting there, almost limp, in my arms. I scooped up some water from the extra dish I put in the coop in this godawful 100+ heat and poured it on her head several times. No reaction. I took her outside and sat her on the ground, and she almost fell over. Next we went to where we store the hose and I uncoiled it a little bit and started spraying her down to cool her off. After about 10 seconds she squawked and jumped up but didn't go anywhere. I kept spraying till she was pretty much wet all over, then got out the little foot dish thing, added water and stood her in the water to cool her feet off. Again, no moving. She did finally get out of there once but she put up no resistance when I picked her up, which isn't generally the rule around here.

    I can't get her to drink out of a dropper. She refuses. However, I did get her as wet as I could and tried to get her to drink as well as moving her to the outer, shaded area that has a bit more circulation than inside the coop, which has just the upper windows, two sliding doors, a screened in front and two fans. She's in the shaded overhang area now moving around a little bet, but she's still looking kinda pale, if a chicken can look pale.

    Is there anything else I can do? [​IMG]

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    I think she iss eggbound.
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    It sounds like heat prostration, and the things that you did should help. If it is heat prostration, keep an eye on her. Once stricken they seem to be susceptible to reoccurences.
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    I recommend bringing her inside in the a/c, place her in a cage or crate. Use an eyedropper and give her sugar water to drink. If she refuses to swallow it, force it down her, but try and let her swallow it on her own. You can pull her wattles down and her mouth will open. Then provide her with a scrambled egg mixed with buttermilk to eat. Dont let her back outside til she's completely recovered. I just went through this with my old Light Brahma hen. It took her 2 days to get back to normal...but if yours is younger, she'll recover sooner.

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