Hen injury from fox bite - NEED YOUR FEEDBACK ON AID


Will Shut Up for Chocolate
11 Years
May 7, 2008
Frozen Lake, MN
I have a 2-y.o. Buff Orpington that escaped being killed & eaten by a fox (unfortunately, two others were not so lucky). She has a cut through her skin on her belly area. The cut through the skin does not look as though it hit meat, and looks very clean. I did put some Neosporin on it. I have not isolated the chicken from the rest of the flock. She initially just stood in the corner of the coop, head to the wall. Now she is walking around a bit more, although somewhat gingerly.

I do not believe a bandage or dressing will help at this point. Are there any recommendations on next steps?

Thanks in advance!
She may have a crush injury internally, I would isolate her for a few days-less movement and stress from the other hens. I had a hen get injured from a family members dog this weekend and the other hens went right for the wound as soon as they saw it so I pun her in the chicken hospital(dog crate) for a few days. Hope your girl gets better.
That's probably a good idea, Tammy. I do have an isolation area I was going to use as an elarged 'run' area for my baby chicks to roam when they got a bit bigger.


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