Hen is broody on 9 eggs, what's your latest hatch/broody ever?


13 Years
May 29, 2010
Yep, y'all said no, I said maybe and she say's yes. No idea if any eggs at all are fertile or will even hatch, but she doesn't care and I don't mind. I don't get how such big eggs come from such tiny birds...lol. Anyway, just wanted to gloat and all that, lol.
I'm thinking a week and a half to two weeks left.

Also, when is the latest time in the year you guys have had a hen go broody and/or hatched? I thought August was late, seems like it can get even later than October...wow.
yeah, my latest was early August. I have a girl who went broody the past 2 May's and this year her sister surprised me in August.
I also have chicks due to hatch under a broody in a couple of weeks.

I have a pic somewhere of some newly hatched chicks running around and there was patchy snow in the run. It was late Feb or early March.
They are subject to set and hatch year round. I have had them hatch in all types of cold,wet and snow. I will say that they hatch better in cold weather if the hen has a very good nest with plenty of straw. One thing you need to watch is that the mother may go to roost before the babies are big enough to fly up with her and they will freeze. So what I do is raise my winter babies in pens with no roost so the mother has to stay on the ground with them.
My broody hatched out 8 chicks 3 weeks ago. She's a fantastic momma. She had a great hatch rate: I set 9 eggs, she kicked out 1 that was infertile and hatched all 8!
my silkie just hatched 7 out of 11. mine go broody 365 days a year. every time i turn around another one is setting, and her sisters are trying to help. drives me crazy. i have three silkie hens in broody jail now. one is still mad the other two might go back to rest of the flock today

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