Hen is straining and larnyx maybe pushed out the mouth?


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Apr 7, 2008
North Dakota
My hen is not well. Yesterday I sequestered from the rest. She was not acting normal. I noticed she was straining and kept opening her mouth like she was gasping. I checked her bottom--not knowing what I was looking for anyway--where her vent is (horizontal opening) it keeps opening and closing and she was straining sort of.

This morning she was not much better, she had moved but there was a wet spot where she had been laying but that could have been the rain leaking in. (the shingles were damaged during a wind storm)

Now the big problem
I went out to check on her. There was a ball thing hanging out of her mouth with a small hole in, out of this hole was breathing gasps. I could put the thing back in and she swallowed and I got her to drink a few drops. I checked her vent, its all white and pasty. She is still straining and the vent opens and closes. I do not feel anything hard in the area. I put her back down and the ball thing came back up but she swallowed it quick...

what is going on? I am thinking she needs to be put out of her misery
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I agree. Poor thing.

She wasnt doing any better. Whatever she had hanging out of her mouth came back up again. She would swallow it and it would come back up after a bit.

DH put her out of pain.
Thanks for asking.

No one must have had any ideas on what was happening
She never coughed or shook her head. When I checked her vent, it was constantly opening and closing. Like straining to pass a hard poop....or in this case an egg.

I read about the gape worm, thanks for that info. She was not emaciated and ate good up until that evening and the next morning. With the info I found, my quess is more egg bound but i am not for sure


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