Hen Laid Really Strange Object (graphic Pics)

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    There are several other articles on the site. No one really knows why it occurs, other than a malfunction in the reproductive system. It can be good or bad - good in that she was able to get it out on her own and hopefully will heal on her own and return to normal - or bad in that she has a problem and it could get worse.
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    It really does look like an egg roll of some sort. If this is not a joke then have you noticed any rats around? I had a rat "trading" items for eggs it was stealing. A couple years ago I had one leaving bones, bread pieces, and other junk from the neighbor's compost pile in a nest, but no eggs.

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    No rats at all anywhere near the chickens I have never even seen a rat on my property...This item has a skin around it that you can see in the photos that is very similar to skin on a piece of chicken...It had a raw chicken smell and although it certainly looks like an egg roll I can assure you if I thought it could be an egg roll I wouldn't waste my time posting it online...[​IMG]
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    Anybody got Soy sauce????

    That thing is weird!!!![​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Well after all this egg roll business I can tell you my family will not be going out for chinese food after church tomorrow.
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    Quote:I will never eat egg rolls again. [​IMG]
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    This is a serious question posted by an individual needing an answer. Suggesting soy sauce was wrong..................Everyone knows that plum sauce would be a much better choice.
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    As I said it was just an opinion.

    Another suggestion is regurgitation. You posted that there was serious injury to this bird that she was plucked and skinned.
    Is it possible that she preened some of the injured skin from herself and this combined with other materials in her crop? If there is a large glob in the crop I have seen (just in the last 2 days) a chicken may regurgitate (throw up).
    My young red had a globule stuck in her throat that I had to force back up because she was choking on it.
    Whatever it was if she is acting normal now I would just continue to monitor her closley. and again, Good Luck.
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    I processed one of my old leghorn hens this past year that had a very large, multi-layered object in her egg canal that looked very similar to this object. It had too many layers to even count, it filled the whole palm of my hand and the center was dark and smelled very foul. The layers were soft and cheesy looking, foul smelling also.

    I would venture to say she had been egg bound for quite some time and had adapted and lived with this inside her for some time. She was healthy looking, not thin or sickly, but she had stopped laying some time ago. This was a bird that was pretty old and only layed about 8 days out of 30 and her eggs were enormous!

    I would say your hen was eggbound and may become so again in the future, so watch for symptoms.

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