Hen laying OUTSIDE!!!!!

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Mar 24, 2020
New Jersey
I've had this problem before with a different hen that was just starting to lay. this time it's my Starlight green egger and she's always laid in a nesting box but now twice she's laid outside. they have 3 clean nesting boxes inside and barely use the one in the middle so idk what to do. It's also WINTER and eggs FREEZE. I think it's because by the time she wants to lay (middle of the day) someone is already in the same box so she screams but then I guess she just lays outside. My Rooster pointed me out to the first one outside as I did not see in and he called me over to it. Also, they have a run that has hay on the ground for warmth in their feet and not cold dirt so that also may be a reason.
Update: I fingered out why she lays outside. She has a specific box she likes to lay in and my Australorp was trying to lay an egg in her box and well Falcon (the hen that lays outside) was pushing herself into the box but Crow kept screaming at her. lol, she did lay inside though.
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