HEN laying STRIPED eggs!!

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Dec 14, 2009
Is there anyone else who has had this experience? My Marans Cuivre is laying striped eggs.



They are very rough-- the dark brown/red stripes are raised and bumpy (as if it is texture sprayed on). I think it looks really neat--in my opinion they resemble the planet Jupiter...I'm sure this has got to be rare--I've never seen anything like it when searching the "odd egg" pictures on the web. I have a couple of these in my incubator right now. Just thought I'd post this here to see if anyone else has had this experience....
Yep, I've seen some very fascinating eggs laid by Marans and Olive Eggers (Wynette has the COOLEST olive eggs at times) - Never gotten any myself though.

That is very neat!
It is not blood. She had laid about 7 of these. She started laying in mid Feb and her first was yolkless. She has laid 3 that were shelless and a number of them break upon laying--(it seems that that last coat of color adds to the strength of the shell-- and hers don't get much of that last layer). The dark brown/red is very rough--like I said. It is not blood. It feels like drywall spray texture.
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Not blood. It's the sprayed on coloring. In fact, if you touch a Marans egg just as it is or after it came out, you can get that coloring on your fingers.

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