hen lays egg with no shell

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    Today I had a Barnevelder Hen lay an egg with no shell, I actually saw if fall when she was sitting on a roost on top of a small pen I had some chicks in. It fell two feet and bounced. All the other birds tried to get it but it was inside the chick pen and I ran over and picked it up. The craziest egg I ever saw, no shell, just like rubber. I should have taken a picture but in haste tossed it over the fence into the woods. She has not been laying because of the moult and is just coming back in to lay.

    Anyone ever had this happen?
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    Been there, done that...
  3. This happens with the first egg sometimes. Her system isn't firing with all cylinders yet. As long as your feed has calcium added in layer quantities or you have given her access to oyster shell, you shouldn't see another one of these until you get a freshening hen or a new pullet starting up.
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    I just got an egg like that. I that it was crazy. I have been showing to everyone.

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