Hen limping badly

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My barred rock, about 26 weeks old, suddenly started limping badly. She can't put weight on the leg. I see no sign of bumblefoot or injury, it doesn't seem broken, no swelling or extra warmth. When I hold her, I notice the bad foot doesn't curl up tightly the way the good one does, and the leg trembles when I hold it gently. I have her isolated in a separate area of the pen (with her best buddy) so she isn't tempted to run around too much. She's eating and drinking.

Any ideas?
she could have a break... or something like that... i fell and hurt my wrist and couldnt use it for 3 weeks... but never went to the doctor because it never swelled up so i didnt think it was broken... you could try making a splint for her... with time hopefully she will get better

I had one that started limping over the summer and it got progressively worse. I isolated her in a medium size dog crate in my garage...Let her out after about a week and limp was still there...isolated for another two weeks and things were much better. She walks fine now. The only issue I had was that will in the dog crate, she wasn't able to take dust baths and she must have had some lice when I put her in and the lice issue got worse...so had to treat for that as well. But all is well that ends well.

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