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    I have a 5 month old d'uccle bantam hen that has steadily lost her balance/use of legs. She started out by favoring her right foot, kind of holding it up with it quivering. During this time, she was also being treated for coryza using ciloxan eye drops and a series of antibiotics added to the water; in addition, she developed scaly leg mites which I didn't figure out until last week (foolish human) and treated with permethrin. Anyway, about 5 days ago (the day before the permethrin treatment) her condition had deteriorated to the point that she can no longer stand-she can move her right leg but keeps it fairly straight and to the side, and does not appear to be able to move her right leg or wing. As a result, she pretty much just tips over on her left side unless I brace her up on something. She is still interested in food and water, but isn't eating much. Her poop is still 'normal' and she's still alert. Not really sure what to make of it all! Poor little girl ):

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    I would dose her for internal parasites and do an inspection for any kind of mite as well. If it is not that, I could not say what it is. Someone with more experience will eventually shed more light on it. This is why so many poultry raisers and hatcheries do a strict regimin of bio-security.

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