hen making weird "crowing" motion


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7 Years
Oct 31, 2012
today i went out to watch my chickens range, after a minute, my golden sex link hen started leaning her head forward, then up, and opening her beak as wide as she could while making no noise. is she sick? im sure shes a hen, and has been laying eggs for over a year now, ive never seen her do this before. thoughts????
Mine have done a similar motion when they adjust their crop. But it's hard to tell based on a description if it's the same motion. I don't think it's anything to worry about, unless she does it repeatedly or if she seems otherwise ill.
Observe her for a while. Does she keep doing this? If she only has done this once in a great while, she may be simply adjusting the contents of her crop. But if she does it, along with standing around acting lethargic while not eating, you may be seeing a case of sour crop or a yeast infection.

Tonight, note where she roosts so you can see what her overnight poops look like. Place a board under her if you don't normally use poop planks. If her poop is thin, watery and greenish, along with her crop still being full and squishy come morning, then you will need to treat for sour crop.

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