Hen not responding, please help!


Aug 14, 2016
One of my leghorn hens was standing in the coop last night. She is usually very flighty, and won't let me touch her. Now she is not responding to anything I do. Her eyes are mostly closed, and she is slightly wobbly. I checked her vent, and it looked fine. She doesn't have mites. Her poop looked a bit runny this morning. She is currently in a dog playpen that I use for chicks and some adult birds. I dipped her beak in water and she drank a couple of beakfulls, but the food looks untouched. I have no idea what's wrong with her. Please help!
My jersey giant rooster did the same thing a couple weeks back, he would stand there and not move or barely open his eyes as if in a daze.. it was a gloomy day but all the hens were fine. The next day he snapped out of it.. I wish you the best tho..
im not expert, but i have delt with things like this; do you possibly have corid or nutri drench? Nutri drench in her water may help her out, and you could try and get her to eat a raw egg. It may perk her up.
I can see if I can buy nitro drench. In the meantime, I can beat up a raw egg for her. Thank you for the advice!
I can see if I can buy nitro drench. In the meantime, I can beat up a raw egg for her. Thank you for the advice!
You're welcome. Im glad i could help, let me know how she's doing if you can get the egg down her, i can help more from there hopefully.
Now she is laying on the floor with her eyes closed. I think her comb is starting to turn a darker color. She did not eat the egg, and I don't want to force it down her, as she could drown. I won't be able to get the nutri drench until tomorrow. I don't know what else I can do for her...
The main ingredient in nutri drench is molasses, I just looked at my bottle, if you have some molasses you could dilute some and put in an eyedropper. Place a drop on her right side of her beak, see if she takes it. Maybe the sugar in it will give her a little energy. Poor thing, hope she gets better.
Nutridrench is a good idea. Also check her over for any wounds. Is she laying? If so, Has she laid an egg today or when was her last one?
Seclusion and quiet would be best for her until you determine the issue. Check her crop tonight and also in the morning before she has a chance to eat anything. It should be full tonight and empty in the morning.

Best of luck to you and her

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