Hen not walking w/ Swollen Butt! HELP PLEASE


10 Years
Apr 17, 2009
Coos Bay, OR
I was walking into the coop to do the nightly check. When I got there I found that the chickens had knocked over their waterer and flooded (it was all muddy) the floor of the coop. I noticed our almost 2 year old Cochin hen sitting in a really muddy spot. I gently nudged her with my foot to get her out of the way, but she didn't move. I examined her and found out that her butt was really swollen and her legs weren't moving. I brought her inside to separate her and soak her butt and legs. I got all the muddy poo off of her and put her in a small cage with easy access to food and water. There is also a heat lamp on her. Any help at all is appreciated, thank you.
I felt her crop and it isn't squishy, but it isn't rock hard. I don't know how to describe it. I also checked her vent and didn't feel anything totally weird. She seems like she is having a little trouble breathing because she keeps opening and closing her beak. She is eating and drinking fine.
Thanks. Last night we gave her some yogurt and she ate all of it. I didn't have time this morning to check her out. All I did was give her more water and pet her. (I had to get to school) When I get home I will check her immediately though.
A picture would most definitely help here if you can post one.. But, it sounds as if she may be egg bound.. You can try to either put her in a shallow bath of warm water and see if she lays an egg or put some olive oil on your finger (wear a glove) and use your finger to feel inside the vent to see if there is an egg in there.. Keeping a light on her is good.. You can do a search for "egg bound" treatments also..

I did check her vent, but I didn't really feel anything. My finger didn't go as far as it should have though. (I know this from when I've done it before to check if a hen was egg boung.)
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