Hen or Roo


Jan 30, 2018
My two Silver Lace Wyandotte. 5 weeks old. Does the second one look like a roo? The huge tail is making me think so, please tell me I could be wrong lol
The second one might be a roo :hmm . The wattles are kinda pinkish and somthing makes me think roo. Post again in a week or two just to make sure.
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I can already tell he's a roo :hmm. I think I can see sattle feathers and the comb and wattles are pinkish. Post again in a week or two just to make sure.
Saddle feathers don't come in until chicks get their adult feathers at 4-7 months of age.
Last year's black laced red Wyandotte at about 7-8 weeks, an obvious rooster down in front.
So you should be able to tell in about a month. Wyandotte are tricky because pullets can get pink combs early. Watch for a more red comb, and the shoulder feathers staying darker instead of clean lacing.

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