Hen or ROO


7 Years
May 25, 2012
Raymore, Missouri
These are my 10 week old birds. They were straight runs so? What do you think?? #1

#2 My new SLW Pretty !
Sorry about the fuzzy picture

#3 I only got one picture of this one. I think #3 and #1 are EE I was looking for Araucana's But these two look more Ameraucana or EE to me. What do you think.
LOl SO how do you tell then? I appreciate all the feedback just now I am even more confused!!
Some of the folks (like me) that are saying that the EEs are roos may be sayin' that because mixed breed roos frequently have a red leakage on their wings. This is where some red colored feathers show up on an otherwise solid light-colored wing. These guys both look like they have red colored feathers on their wings=roo.
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