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    Feb 24, 2007
    It started with a little cut on his middle toe. By the next day, his twelve girls had eaten that toe open and raw with about 1/4 inch of bone showing. I cleaned, medicated and bandaged, and sequestered him for a week unitl it was completely scabbed over. Let him out. A few hours later, same thing, and he did nothing about it!!!! Those hens just walked up and had a peck or two, and he never let on.

    Ok, he's in sick bay again. Wash with iodine, a little peroxide, blue kote, and neosporin, then a bandage. He's scabbing over again, eating and crowing and wanting out. Here's my plan. You guys tell me what you think. I'm going to let him out with the bandage on and spray the bandage with Solarcane or something sticky and cover the whole thing with black pepper.

    Question: Once he is healed enough, should I put pepper directly on his toe when I let him out without the bandage? Will that keep the cannibals off?

    I'm furious at those hens and would cook them all, but I don't do that. I'm in this for the eggs and baby chicks. Thus, I need the roo to be out with the gals.

    Yes, I wrote about his the first time around and you told me about blue kote.

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    I'd put bearing grease on it.

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