Hen pecked!


9 Years
Mar 24, 2014
Homosassa Springs, FL
I have a 5 month old EE cockerel that has just started attempting to breed this week. I also have a BSL hen that is top of the pecking order. while free ranging yesterday I was sure he was finally going to get the job done with my BO pullet and out of nowhere the BSL came charging from behind and hit him with her shoulder knocking clear off the other bird. I wish I had on camera it was so funny. My little cockerel has had a stressful week. lol
I feel sorry for the little guy, but trust me, he'll be the boss soon enough and put that bossy hen in her place! Just make sure it doesn't get bloody!
I feel for him to, but all in all it is going smoother than I expected. Everyone excepts him now except the one hen and their squabbles are not to bad. I'm glad for that and pretty sure he is going to be a great rooster.
Handsome little devil he is!!

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