Hen Sick- Thinking Ascites/Water Belly


Sep 2, 2021
Okay to keep things brief, I have an old hen (lays rarely) who had a sister we put down to to ascites, and this hen is acting similar. She has the weird pose, isn't moving or walking much, stands up but struggles to, and will only eat wet feed (out of yogurt so I didn't try that).
However, some factors are giving me doubts and I don't want to put her down if it is something else we can cure. First, her stomach is stretched and squishy but isn't red, more of a pink/purple color. Secondly, she gave a weird poop that was a pale yellow color and was stretched out in like a rectangle, looking like snot with uniform consistency. It came out alongside a gargling noise.
I think that maybe she might have some other stomach problem, or maybe a digestive problem with the crop. If you think it is water belly or if it something else please reply.
Her poop also comes out as kind of like a streak of white paint, still with the gurgling noise. Also her comb is leaning flat to the side, and is sort of purplish.
Also is her crop emptying properly? Check it early in the morning before she eats or drinks anything and see if its empty or full.
Her abdomen is bloated. I have checked her crop and it felt fine, but I didn't do it in the morning. I will do what you suggested. I think she may possibly be egg-bound.
If her abdomen is bloated then she does have ascites. There is no cure for ascites, the only thing you can do about it is drain the fluid from her abdomen to keep her more comfortable. Usually ascites is a symptom of something else going on like a reproductive issue.
Thank you for confirmation based on the symptoms. Also, I checked her vent and it is pulsating at the same rate she is breathing. I think that is normal though. I hope your cockerels get good new homes, I would take one if I lived in Texas!
She's still alive. She doesn't look as bloated anymore and her poops are now normal. But she's lying down all day without moving much and I assume she is drinking since she would have dehydrated already if she didn't. She also doesn't stand like a penguin like she was earlier. I don't know if she's exhausted since she recovered from being sick, has an egg stuck in her that isn't blocking her poop anymore, or is just dying of old age or a reproductive problem. I'm thinking giving her some calcium might help, but don't know what else to do.

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