Hen Spurs - Should I Be Worried?

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Jul 2, 2012
So I only just noticed that Daisy has suddenly grown large spurs - should I be worried about them? Do I need to trim them? See below for photo.

This is Daisy at the front. Not sure of her exact breed, but she's certainly speckled.

These are her spurs (as good a photo as I could nab at the time):
Good to know it's nothing to get worried about. Her comb has also grown a lot recently - it used to be almost non-existent, but now it's the biggest of our three birds'. Is that related to her spur growth? Is it a hormonal thing?

I still find it hard saying three. To think we used to have seven...
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All chickens, hens and roosters, have the gene to grow spurs. However in hens, this gene is generally turned off.

However in some older hens, this gene somehow comes back to life and they can grow spurs and even crow. All this usually happens in a flock with no rooster.

As long as she isn't turning aggressive, I wouldn't worry about them. :)
Thanks for the info. Let's hope Daisy doesn't start crowing! She isn't aggressive, so that's good. :)
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