Hen started laying tiny eggs


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5 Years
Jun 2, 2014

One of my hens started laying these weird tiny eggs. I got one today and the first I got a few days ago. Should this be any cause for concern? She's always laid pretty large eggs in the past.
Sometimes when they are ending a laying cycle and about to take a break hens will lay these small eggs. Perhaps this is what is going on with her especially if she was on lights and laid through the winter.
I live in south Texas, it doesn't get that cold during the winter and she's been laying perfectly fine for months, even when it was cold.
I'm in San Antonio and I have the same thing. Tiny eggs and my hens laid all winter as well.
my hens did the same thing first they were big and then they got small what i did was mix scratch and pellets together they are starting to get bigger or it could be that they are at the ending of their laying cycle
I have two silkie hens who have been good layers until the past two weeks one stopped laying and the other is just putting out the tiniest eggs. They are only 3 yrs. old and were laying fine a few weeks ago..have also been noticing egg yolk stains inthe nest box so I don't know if she's breaking them ,eating them or just passing the yolk?? What's up with that? Previous eggs were about the size of a store med.and very tough shell, now it's about the size of a dove egg!?

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