Hen stopped laying- but seems healthy.


Jul 5, 2020
First year with chickens. I have a 1 yr old Silverudd's Blue hen with the following issues: - Began laying in January, produced 25 eggs, stopped in late April. Continues to act like she is laying by going into a box, sitting, making egg calls. Still does this every couple of days. Left a lash egg mid June. Through all this and even now, she is very active and eating very well. Her abdomen is slightly swollen but no hard masses - feels no different from other laying hens. If she has no symptoms other than not laying and that one lash egg, can a veterinarian do anything useful? It is very hard to find a vet that will see chickens, wondering if I should just keep trying to get an appointment or if there is another solution. I did put Tylosin in the water right after the lash egg, for about a week, that's all I had and I couldn't find a vet that would see chickens.
Feed: oyster shell pellets (looks like white pebbles), layer feed, assorted greens and snacks in moderation.
It was the size of a curled pinky finger. I guess I just hope it resolves and she returns to laying. If there's nothing else wrong there's nothing for a vet to work with.
A vet that works with parrots and exotics should be able to treat a chicken. That's where ours go! If you can't find one locally, any chance you'll be going to a bigger city where there is one? Hens generally love car rides. I'd suspect she needed more/longer/different antibiotics.

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