Hen Takes Suuuuuper Long To Lay?

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Sep 20, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
One of my girls takes about 20 minutes to lay.

The other girl takes almost 2 hours. She'll be in the nesting box for a very long time, why?

I've gone and checked on her when I'm home, she's not broody or anything she just takes a long time to do the deed. Why? I also have a live cam on the boxes so I keep up with them quite frequently.
Some girls just like to nest longer than others. Ive had loungers that spend 2+hours quietly awaiting the arrival of their egg in the comfort of the box and busybodies who run in, barely made it to the nest, drop the egg and get back outside so they don't miss anything that might be going on. Personality differences is all
hmm, if longer than that, this could be an egg bound hen. if not, just give her some time. if so, contact me.
x2, Ol Grey Mare.

The leghorns tend to be "fast" layers--in and out in ten minutes, without a care for which nest box they use or how well it's bedded. I have one little EE cross who likes to sit in there half the morning, and will fight for the nesting box on the end.
I have had hens spend a days time in there,and after laying it they just sit there and sleep,escpecially the bigger lazier hens.

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