Hen used foot to push other hen!


Feb 24, 2019
Seymour TN
On the coop cam this morning I saw something I've never seen before. A 16-week cochin was in the treadle feeder eating and a white leghorn wanted in and she used her foot twice to push the cochin! I've never seen one of my chickens use their foot for anything except walking. That didn't work so then she pecked the cochin a couple of times and it got out of the feeder. Anybody ever seen that before?
Was it a true push, or did she kick the Cochin?
Hmmm, we conferred on this question. Cochin was facing forward and head down, eating. That's why we were watching actually because we just recently integrated the littles into the big coop and we were pleased to see one of the little ones, the Cochin, eating of the treadle feeder. Anyway, the leghorn circled a few times and then came over and I guess you'd say kicked the cochin on her side twice. Cochin ignored her so she pecked her and then Cochin got out. It's big enough for two to eat but apparently the leghorn didn't way to do that.
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