hen walking like a duck, or penguin

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    I have a second hen that has started walking upright, sorta like a duck or penguin. (I had another one a couple months past, older hen, she died) She is fairly young, just started laying. Is it likely that she has become egg bound so young? I've read other posts that this is a symptom of being egg bound, but she has just started laying. I have picked her up and felt around, and can not feel any type of egg. Her clutch/nest mate/sister has started laying also, small eggs and soft.
    I have her caged at the moment, and altho not happy about this, she is accepting. So far no egg has been laid in the cage.
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    Do a BYC forum search on "internal laying" or "internal layer." That would be my guess.

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