Hen with eye that wont open and has been sneezing HAPPY UPDATE

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    Nov 20, 2009
    My 5 month old Buff Orp (Nugget) is sick. A couple of says ago I noticed she was sneezing. I went to the Southern States and got some antibiotics and put it in the water. I don't think she has been drinking it. This morning we went out and she was just hanging out in the coop not wanting to come out. She wouldn't even eat the scratch.....We just brought her inside and she is sitting with my husband watching TV right now. This from a hen that would not let you come anywhere near her! I haven't noticed her sneeze since shes been inside the last 30 minutes. Her eye is also swollen shut. She does not seem to have any discharge from her eyes or nose. Any ideas? suggestions? How can I get her to drink? I am beside myself with worry for the poor girl. I would hate to loose her. HELP??
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    Sorry about your sick girl. You can try using an eye dropper or small syringe to get water into her beak. Also, try milk or yogurt, chickens usually love those things. I'm not too experienced with all the different diseases, but there's a lot of info on this site. Search her symptoms and see what you can find. Good luck!
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    Swollen eye with out a rank smell - Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Swollen eye with a rank smell about the nostrils and often goop on back from wiping eye- Coryza. Both are respiratory diseases/infection/virus. Tylan 50 injected is the best to help in a pinch. Do research on these diseases to keep it from spreading through your flock. - Best Wishes
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    Nov 20, 2009
    Nugget went back out with the other girls yesterday and she looks great! I think it was a great idea to bring her in the other night. We brought her in and she layed with my DH just hanging out not moving. She wouldn't eat or drink. We force fed her some water and antibiotics with a syringe and put her down for the night without much hope......the next morning she was standing up and looking more perky. She still wasnt eating or drinking. I fed her some more water and antibiotics and by the afternoon her eye was starting to open and she was eating and drinking!!! That night we went ahead and put her back with the girls and by morning her eye was all the way open and shes back to her old self! Because of the love and care we gave her she now comes right up to us when we walk outside, its great! We are SO HAPPY!!
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    ohh good news.. I would keep the antibiotics for at least 5 - best 7-10 days to hopefully get whatever it was totally out of her system...

    ! hope she keeps getting better!
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    Jun 29, 2009
    [​IMG] Good job, keep up the good work
    I just love happy endings!

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