Hen with some kind of sore


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Aug 17, 2008
New England
I have a hen with some kind of sore on her back. She's been limping and has bumble foot but while giving her a shot I decided to just take a peak at her back. She has had a weird patch of white fluffy feathers on her back. Well, she didn't like her back being touched and there's really no normal look to the area around that I can see. Her reaction made me think it was painful. Can't yet describe it and I would take pics but with all the feathers you really can't see much.

So my question is... Do I trim the feathers on her back to get a good look or what? I'm baffled with this.

She is the hen I posted on about two months ago about "throwing up" and diarrhea. I realized she had bumble foot and started antibiotics via injection. Her along with two others who also had it. They are better she is not, she still has bummble foot though no more throwing up or diarrhea. She is very thin. During the summer she was not laying but guess what...she laid an egg yesterday! A week ago I started her on antibiotics again, bummer.
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Aug 28, 2007
Stillwater, NJ
What does this sore look like? You say fluffy white feathers, is she white? Or just this patch, like some sort of lice eggs attached to them? Do you have a rooster? Where are you injecting and what meds are you using?

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