Hen with swollen eyes

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Oct 28, 2008
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My hen was injured about a month ago. I suspect a hawk attack as she had many feathers missing all over. I took her to the vet and he sutured her eyelid. He wasn't happy with the way it healed, but it seemed fine, even though a little skin tag remained. Well it swelled shut the other day. So he cut the skin tag off and gave me ointment. Now the other eye is swelling.
Anyway, if she can't see, she won't be able to eat.
What will I do?!
I hate to lose this girl, she is one of my two White-faced Black Spanish hens.
Thanks. It could be some disease, but I think they are both injured. She seems to have a weak immune system. I have heard this about the WFB Spanish. Any little irritation seems to blow up on her. She was a sickly chick, but pulled through with antibiotics, so she is kind of a favorite.
Anyway, after having her seen initially for the one swollen eye, I was told just to put ointment on it 2 -3 times per day. So I put her back in to the flock. Later I saw one of the roosters manhandling her. I think being blind with the one eye swollen shut, she is flighty and fights the boys. SO I think her eye(s) are injured from them grabbing at her repeatedly. She has feathers missing on the back of her head and it is red and irritated.
I have her isolated now. I put the ointment on both eyes and the one is a little better. But the originally injured eye looks really bad.
I will continue to treat and hope for the best.
I will get pics when I can.
Are there any anti-inflamatories that can be given to chickens?
My vet is not an avian specialist so more or less, just does what he can for me.
There are some related looking threads. I will try to check them out. I am at work.
Ah, mean rooster. If the eye itself is intact, it will heal in a few weaks. Keep putting the opthalmic ointment on it, and rinse with salene solution once a day. I had a game hen that went broody and decided to rip the eyes out of two of my RIR hens to protect her blasted eggs. Upon closer inspection, she had only mangled the eye lids and membranes, and the actual eye ball was in one piece, so they healed... very slowly. Today, they're totally fine and can see perfectly out of both eyes.

Be sure she has easy access to feed and water. You can give her Motrin 200mg to help with the swelling (what's her weight? a 22oz bird gets half a pill morning and night). Inflamation is the body's way of responding to trauma, so you will slow the healing process but aid in sight. Catch 22 I guess.

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