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Mar 7, 2019
Princeton, WI
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I have a 1 1/2 yr old Buff Orpington hen that has a seriously swollen right hock. It obviously hurts her as she will not put any weight on it unless she has to. She prefers to spend her time in the nest box so she doesn't have to use the leg. Originally, I thought she had a sprain, but after a couple of weeks with no improvement and actually noticing she was limping even more I found a vet that was willing to take a look at her. They normally do not see chickens. They took x-rays and confirmed there is no break or fracture in the joint or higher up. It did show significant soft tissue swelling all the way up the leg into the body on the right side. The joint does move with no popping or anything else weird when moving it. The vet prescribed 1cc of Clavamox (amoxicillin) twice daily for 10 days and 1.5cc of Meloxidyl (anti-inflammatory) twice daily for 10 days. To date, there has been no improvement in her hock so I'm now looking for advice here.

I took photos tonight of both legs for comparison. The injured leg has the blue band. I have noticed a nodule on the inside of the right swollen hock. It does have some give to it so I'm not sure if it's an abscess or something else. Again, I didn't want to mess with it until getting some advice. I'm rather frustrated and worried about her. Any advice, suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated!!


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