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    Jul 20, 2010
    Hi all,

    I have a few questions regarding the henny genetics. From what I understand Henny trait is co-dominant. A homozygous henny (pure henny) x homozygous henny still produce 100% male henny feathering from the 1st feather, right? In this article, wiki/index.php?title=Hennies it says, "The gene responsible for the hen feathering is not sex linked and is carried by either the male or female in different strengths. Since this gene is an Incomplete Dominant, Autosomal, about 1/4 of the stags produced from pure Hennies will be long feathered, 1/4 will be hen feathered, and the remainder will be of mixed feathering until their second year when they moult out completely hen feathered. " Does that mean the article is wrong since Pure Hennies should be homozygous HfHf and can never produce that proportion when put you put that on the Punnett Squares.
    In addition, I read in the abstract (don't have access to the full article) of Sebright Bantam genetics, http://jhered.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/co ... ct/75/2/99 ,it says heterozygous fowl eventhough have only 1/2 the activity of enzyme can still produce henny feather. It doesn't mention whether the henny feather appear since chicks or after the 1st molt . The only info. on henny feather on 2nd moult are only availble in forums . Somebody told me that his henny rooster changed feather from male feather to female feather and back to male feather after each moult. If a rooster appear as a henny from the beginning, does that guarantee him to be a homozygous henny? Anybody here knows of any published study on henny feathering in heterozygous chickens?

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