Henrietta or Henry?

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9 Years
Jul 28, 2010
Bay Area
Back in June we got all five of our chickens from a local "rancher" who purchases the chicks from a hatchery, and I assume they've all been sexed (he sells pullets to people who want backyard chickens for eggs). Four are definitely girls, but lately we've been wondering about Henrietta. She seems to have some male qualities, but she also has some female qualities (we and are friends have affectionately dubbed her 'transgendered.') Below are pictures, which I hope are clear enough for everyone to tell whether she is truly Henrietta, or actually Henry (in which case we'll have to find her another home). She has a lot of personality, so we are hoping to be able to keep her. Oh, and we haven't heard any crowing, and she is anywhere from 24-29 weeks old.




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