Hens barely laying


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Jul 26, 2016
I have 17 hens that I've had for about a month. When I got them I was told that they were all laying. I am only getting 2 or 3 eggs a day though. only about 4 chickens have laid any. They are eating 22 percent layer pellets, have access to plenty of fresh water, and look pretty healthy. What is going on?
Could be that some of them are coming up to laying or that they are past laying. I got a layer a month ago and I have yet to see an egg from her. I'd give it another couple of weeks before getting too concerned. Have you scoured the area where you keep them for eggs? Is the coop sufficiently large? How many nesting boxes do you have, are they appropriately located? If the temps have been high recently, that can also affect laying. I understand that layers feed is typically 16% protein, not 22%, but other members with more expertise on the issue may chip in on that one (but providing it has additional calcium it should be fine) but giving optional oyster shell may be worth a try.

They are all still very young. I started supplementing the oyster shell as well. Have checked everywhere. Their coop is definitely large enough with a huge run attached. The temperatures have been a bit steep though. They are in the shade and have been adding ice cubes to their water to keep them cooler
Well it's likely that some may not be sufficiently mature to lay just yet. Reddening of comb, wattles and face, spending time in the coop and submissively squatting in front of you are signs that their egg laying plumbing is getting up and running.

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