Hens have stopped laying

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    Apr 8, 2008
    Frostproof, FL
    None of my 7 hens had laid an egg since August 31 (then I only got 3). They appear to me moulting again but they already went through one at the end of June beginning of July. Now the coop is full of feathers again. It has been very hot and I know this can effect them, but for ALL of them to stop laying for almost 2 weeks? [​IMG]

    Here is how they were laying for the last couple months:

    June 28 - July 4 8 eggs
    July 5 - 11 20
    July 12-18 27 (best week ever)
    July 19-25 9
    July 26-August 1 NONE
    August 2-8 7
    August 9-15 18
    August 16-22 20
    August 23-29 14
    August 30-Sept 5 5
    August 6-10 NONE

    I know my OEG mixed are not great layers but my three others lay nice Extra LArge eggs almost daily. I feed them layer pellets (keep the feeder full, keep fresh water as well as give them teat os apples, raisins etc. daily.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated cause it looks like I have to buy "Store bought" eggs this week [​IMG]

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    Are they free range. I have free range girls who all of a sudden stopped using their nests to lay, and went back after a week or 2 weeks. Happened a few times and I realized the dog was visiting them on occasion and they just found a safer place to lay
  3. bizzeeb60

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    Apr 8, 2008
    Frostproof, FL
    No they have a 10 x 10 enclosure. Too many predators here in our area of Florida to let them free range

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