hens laying on other hens in a corner under the red light


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Feb 17, 2014
I have 3 chickens aged 13 weeks. They are a Rodie, Barred Rock, and Golden Sex Link. I am very confused as they are trying to jump out the coop, and they are laying on each other in one corner of the coop, Is this normal or is something wrong? thank you any help works
Did you just put them in there? It may take several days before they consider it home. How much ventilation does it have, and how big is it? Is there outside air blowing on them, or on the roost?
They were in there coop outside, but i was told by a local store that they needed to stay inside till 15 or 16 weeks, so i am confused which is the best time. They have feathered out, but they do look a little raggy still so i am guessing they need some more time but dont know. As for ventilation there is a vent in two sides of the coop and not heat at all, but there is a heat lamp in the garage where i brought them back into last night, due to what i was told, hope this makes sense to you. I just want to raise them right and be able to not worry about a lack of eggs when they do lay.

Thank you
15 or 16 weeks is absurd. New chicks need extra heat and protection til they are fully feathered, which is usually around 5 or 6 weeks. They can be outdoors from day one, if you are set up to brood chicks outdoors, as many of us are, often after going through brooding them indoors. The only reason that I can think of to keep them indoors longer than 5 or 6 weeks is predator protection, since they are not full size til around that age. Actually, they do not reach mature weight and "heft" wil around one year, but reach adult height around 16 weeks.

The people at my feed store will tell you that cracked corn is chicken feed. They sell grower, etc. but you have to ask specifically for a formula. Cracked corn has less than half they protein they need, and essentialyl no vitamins and minerals. Feed store employees often are not trained in chicken care, and are rather well known here for giving out incorrect advice (and kudos to those who DO know what they are talking about!)

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