Hens Not Laying in the Coop?


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Jun 20, 2013
Richmond, VA
I currently have five hens, all decent layers. I used to have nest boxes, but they always insisted on making their own nests in my hay bales. I eventually gave in and let them keep the hay. It was going well for a few a while, but about a month ago all egg production seemed to have stopped! They're happy, healthy, and young so there's no way they could just stop laying! They free range, so I'm worried they might be laying in the woods or somewhere in the neighbor's yard. I've tried making they're nests darker, putting golf balls/fake eggs in them, and even elevating the already tall bales of hay even higher! I don't know what to do at this point- please help!
Hahaha, welcome in the club, free range chicks do have a mind of their own. I think it is due to the animal instinct that cause that, you can if you don't mind loosing some breeding time, enclose them to force them to lay in coop or barn, and after several days let them free range gain, most probably they will return

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