Hens or Roos


Aug 9, 2016
Hi everyone. This is the first time I have owned chickens. I have a black australorp, barred plymouth, brahma, and gold wyandotte. The farm I bought from assured me they were all hens. But looking at the plymouth and australorp I'm not sure. Can someone tell me if they are hens? I would hate to return them, they're so sweet,but my town doesn't allow roos :(

The Australorp has a large comb. Mine has a small comb and has been laying for several months now. But with that said, I guess that can be natural variation. I don't see any other indicators that it is a roo. The others do look like pullets.

Those are all pullets. You should have eggs within the next month or so
That australorp looks like a cockerel. Our hens have never had a comb and wattle that big at that age. You can part the feathers at the base of the tale and see if saddles are coming in but if not I would guess they are closer to 21 weeks than 15.

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