Hens roosting in neighbors coop

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    I have two Hens that are now roosting in my neighbors coop. First it was just my Hamburg hen and now her best friend a brown leghorn has followed her. I have a clean coop with plenty of roosts and a heat lamp comes on when the nights get really cold. The hens are in my yard at daybreak and they free range in my yard all day but when night falls they are gone. The only thing I can imagine is if they have fallen in love with one of they many roos my neighbor has. Any suggestions? Also, they have a hen which comes over to my yard and free ranges with my girls. I think the freeloader love all the scratch and treats I put in my yard.
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    If you want yours to roost in your coop, you need to lock them in the coop for about a week for them to learn where home is. They don't have to stay in the coop all day, but they do need to roost in there consistently. Alternatively, you could go to your neighbors coop and move them to your roosts after they have gone to bed. Eventually they will get the message. Whichever is easier for you.

    I'm not sure where you live or how cold it gets at night. With their down coats chickens handle cold better than heat. Are you sure your coop is not so hot that they are looking for something more comfortable?

    Can't help you with the freeloader unless you build a big fence. Enjoy the eggs.
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    I agree with Ridge. Keep them in the coop for a week. After that let them out and they should return there at night.
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