Hens trying to kill one of the chicks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DKM, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Dec 9, 2009
    In April I bought 6 barred rocks and one EE chick from the feed store. I have 18 hens about one year old. One of my Marans was broody and decided the barred rocks were hers! They were already 6 weeks old when I took them out of the brooder in the coop. But she didn't really like the EE (she is buff colored) so I put her back in the brooder for a few days. I let her out again and the old hens still chased her and I found her in a nest with a light sussex who is also broody. They had pecked a bloody spot on her head so I put her back in the brooder until that went away. Then I tried again. It was a disaster! I had to save her again. What is the problem with this pullet? Am I going to have to give her away? Will they ever get used to her? I'm going to put her in a separate pen with one of the barred rock babies because they like her, but will I ever be able to acclimate her into the flock? Any suggestions?
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    Maybe put her in a pen next to the others where they can see her but can't get to her, until she gets bigger. That way maybe they will get used to her?[​IMG]
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    It is going to be tough to introduce a single bird to the flock. It is best to integrate in groups. The chick is just too young to hold its own. You should wait until it is bigger (almost the same size as the hens) and try again. Maybe you can get a couple of pullets the same age as the EE so it doesn't get lonely and introduce all of them when it is time. Rehoming the EE is another option. [​IMG]
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    Dec 9, 2009
    I think I will try your advice. Let her get bigger with another pullet and then try again. Someone said to sneak a grown chicken in the coop at night and they don't know it hasn't been there the whole time. I think chickens are sorta like me, they wake up in a new world everyday![​IMG] If that doesn't work, I'll rehome her. Thank you!
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    I agree with LegginMF12 but I have a little different approach with my little darlings. I don't know how many chicken you have or how much time you spend with them but mine have always been treated more like you would treat a puppy or kitten i.e. following my children around, snuggling on the couch to "watch TV", trips in the car...one roo was even leash trained. So, when my chickens act up I quickly put them in their place with a firm voice and an occasional tap on the beak. If that doesn't work I "dog whisper" them by having a stand off between me and them until they back down.

    I know it might sound weird but in my opinion chickens are not stupid and you can get you point across. If it were my flock (consisting of 4 hens and 2 ducks.) I would actually remove the offenders from "their" space, put them next to it and make them watch the chick claim the space.[​IMG] Then I'd let them back in one at a time and if they continued? Out you go until you figure it out. Eventually they will. [​IMG]

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