Hens with poopy butts


Jun 30, 2016
Over half of my flock have poopy butts. This isn’t something I’ve ever noticed before! They are all acting normal and happy, but are all quite messy. Nothing has changed in their diets. I treated them with corrid this past fall. Could they possibly be needing probiotics?
I don't think poopy butts need probiotics persay as it don't mean they are sick. Can you show what your chickens poop looks like? If your chickens are NOT acting funny or being lethargic or have strange poop i wouldnt worry and just give them a butt bath. Chickens do get poopy butts sometimes. you should give them a butt bath like in this video
This is how we started in the chicken program! BB was watching a neighbor's chickens while he was away on vacation. Found a couple of girls with poopy butt and just HAD to clean them. I was enlisted to assist by holding the girl while BB did the actual washing. It didn't take long for BB to upgrade the living conditions of these neglected girls with not only hygiene but new bedding and upgraded run fencing, all at our expense and time, grrrrr. Couldn't take it after a year+ of working on his operation so we got our own 11 girls and never stop work but at least at home!!! PS A washer and a holder makes it MUCH easier!
Check them for lice. I have a few hens come to me with dirty bums and upon further/feather investigation I determined the culprit was lice.

You will notice small white eggs on the base of the feather shaft near the vent.

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