Here in Minnesota, Winters can be -35 degrees


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Mar 15, 2010
On the MN prairie.
Hello from a fellow Minnesotan! My temperatures are similar to yours. I try to make sure they have fresh bedding on the floor for them to snuggle down in when they want to. I do not use heat lamps or artificial heat of any kind. I believe they do better when allowed to acclimate naturally. My coops are sheds with vented soffits. They choose to roost on the 2x4 rafters that are “skinny side” up, so I’m not sure that flat side up really matters to them. I have heated water bowls, and free choice all flock feed out for them daily.

When first started raising chickens, I thought the coop needed to be sealed up tight and heated all winter. I also - every year - had chickens with bad frost bite and respiratory illnesses by spring. Since I quit heating my coops and keeping them well ventilated, my chickens are much healthier and happier.


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Jun 17, 2020
I would use extreme caution putting heat lamps in coop. The main thing is proper ventilation. One thing to make sure is the air flow caused by the venting should be above the roosts. Also, thicker bedding will have some insulating properties as well. Chickens don’t necessarily need heat but if you are considering it take a look at Cozy Products chicken heater.

Mrs. K

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Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
Another issue is a good look at your roost position. Look at the space above your chickens heads when they are roosted for the night, there needs to be empty space above their heads, and the roosts need to be away from the walls. Walls and ceilings are where moisture will collect, and make for damp chickens.

I agree with the above, think DRY not warm. Dry chickens are warm chickens. Western SD, and we have the wild temperature swings, several winters ago, we did hit -35, and that is dang cold. Frequently we do not warm up to 0 for days on end, only to jump 50 degrees in a single day.

Dry, fresh air, out of the wind is what they need.

Mrs K

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