Here is a Chicken, Goose, Duck etc. Sling/ Chair sample if you need it

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    You can find a "Cat Condo"( 2 story kind) PVC thingy at Wal for like $14, it has all the stuff you would need..... small PVC pipe and joints and some water resistant fabric........


    Excuse the dirty pic..... Sebastian my handicapped Sebbi , (from lead poisoning.) - makes quite a mess moving his feet around.
    He is currently being upgraded to a bigger chair sling w/o the top bar. He's had this one for a few months when I first was experimenting on how to rigg one...[​IMG]
    Since I've put him in the chair he has gotten better use of his legs and is building strength in them. If I put him on the ground he can lift himself up on his hocks and scoot around some... He is much happier now. I'll get a better pic.
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    Awwww, I'm glad he's doing better. He sure looks comfy in his chair.

    How did he get lead poisoning?
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    We don't know for sure................. he was the only one out of many ducks and geese. We did find old shotgun shells in the dirt..... [​IMG]

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