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im not usuallyhere im usually on the chicken forums but the last couple of days have been long felt like tell others about myFUN hahaha my 13 year lod is playing football it is not sponsered by the school, well monday at practice they decided to shave the boys heads.
no phone or note to parents,
they told them if they didnt get their head shaved they had to run 15 extra laps:rant and they had other players chase them and hold them
they shaved them so short they are almost bald,
my son had a place where he had hit a corner shelve and thy cut it open again when they did this and they used the same clippers on all 4 of the boys no claening
they only got 4 shaved.he had a littel blood on his head.nice huh:mad: i talked to 2 other boys and got the same story so next morning i called a board member for football
and talk to him,he was ok and all but one of the stupid things he ask was why didnt he run laps insted of getting his hair shaned:confused: me i said he should not have had to choose!!
the coach was made to aplogize,
but he still denise the laps and having the boys chased.
but at the meeting i wasnt the only one say that id been told these things by my kid.
they have 2 games left and i guess the way the contract is cause it isnt school he has to be their isnt a team so after these games hes done,
and there will be board members or other coaches ther all the time he wont be alone anymore,
what do you all think?
well yes that was somthing but all they said was this is football and they bleed all over each other all the time.
I would be very mad! My kid was on the Flag team. The girls told her if she didn't wear make up the would hold her down and put some on. She had a beautiful tan, and cute as button (in my opinion), the coach and school were jerks. So I asked my dr. to write a note saying she was allergic to make up. They backed off, but boy were they mad at me!
Isn't that a form of hazing and isn't hazing illegal? I can see that being a traumatic experience, being chased down and mutliated, I know it's only hair, but, he was forced. Overpowered and forced, hmmm, sounds dangerously like something else that is also illegal.
I would be livid.
Poor guy. The weather is getting colder, too, now I think the coach should have to purchase hats for all the naked headed boys to keep them warm until their hair grows back.
Its assault. Clearly and diffinitively.

Call your local law enforcement and file assault charges on the boys who did it and Coach will be brought down too.

A little phone call to your local newspaper would be a great way to get this noticed too.

I have to say, if this had been my kid, I would be raising **** and telling this story to everyone who woul listen.

the boys ive heard about were told if they didnt do this hold the other boys they would be of the team.
so it would be wrong to get them in trouble they were victims just differnt i think theyve heard it at school and other places. and dcfs and the cops were at school yesterday talking to the boysdont know what is to come of that yet.
sounds like this was way out of line. Glad that Protective services and the sherrif's department are involved.
This is the kind of stuff that gets kids in serious trouble. It sets them up to think hazing is okay. Hazing in this instance in relatively harmless, but still sets a very bad tone for all the sports. The coaches who do this should be fired, period! There is not excuse for encouraging this behavior. Kids should not be forced into something that they don't want.

We spend a lot of time telling our kids that people shouldn't touch them in inappropriate ways, that they are allowed to say no to adults or peers if they are doing something unacceptable, that they have control of their bodies. All hazing, especially adult driven hazing, undermines all we try to teach our kids about autonomy and independence. Point out to the board that this kind of behavior undermines parental authority and sets the kids up to think that adults have the right to control their bodies. Anyone who works with kids should understand the implications.

If kids get accustomed to expect hazing, they learn to see it as something that is needed to belong to a group. This is what allows kids to think that faternity hazing that leads to alcohol poisoning deaths is just a rite of passage, not a serious act of violence.

Hazing and accustoming kids to hazing only leads to bad outcomes; pining at the military academy becomes an actual act of driving pins into recruit's chests, sexual charged harassment in military training (recent NPR article) and drinking deaths in college.

My kids are involved in scouting, and while I do not agree with everything BSA does, it does do a very good job about educating adults about appropriate conduct with children. This is no way right or acceptable.
Has anyone asked this moron what his reasoning was behind this escapade in the first place?

What possible reason would he have had to make them all shave their heads?

It certainly wasn't to foster unity - when you force someone to do something, that's not unity, that's coersion and assault.

I'd have the man's jewels hanging from my rear view mirror, if it were my kid.


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