he's got me shaking in my boots! NOT NO MORE!


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Jun 26, 2009
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I'll try hard NOT to swear! ok, in Jan we butchered 1 of our EE roos because he was attacking me. Now the other EE roo had me literally shaking in my boots. He has taken over as top "dog" he's been gradually getting cocky. protecting his hens from me? now this morning I was standing near the corner of the coop feeding them. I bent down cautiously to get the treat dish, he jump up toward me, I turned away and protected my head with my arm I knocked him down and stood on one foot garding myself with my other foot. The whole time I was out there I was watching him and then fighting him off. ????? What gives? Don't most of you have roos? why did I get the nonsense ones? I am sooooo ready to scream!!!!!!! I wanted an EE roo for fertile eggs but it's not worth my life. I have a bantum brahma roo and a silkie but lord knows their not going to get the job done with the bigger birds. Is there any roos that are not going to beat the poop out of me? We've ordered more roos to come mid May, are there any suggestions as to what kind might be tamer? I've got Rhode Island Red, brown and white leghorns on order. I can still change it to add more?

Now if I "off with his head" will the other start attacking me?

Please help!! I'm so P*ss*d at these bird brains, I could scream!!!!!!!! I think I will! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh geez, sorry that's happening...

My Turken roo is pretty tame, he's certainly never shown any aggression. My silkie roo is pretty timid.

Is that rooster's name "Dinner"?
Our EE roo is 6 months , so far he has not attacked in any way. I hand raised him and he is pretty tame. But if he gets this agressive I will surely call him SOUP!! If your roo won't back down using any of the methods mentioned on BYC then you need to just "do the deed" and send him to freezer camp. Get yourself another roo. I have heard Cochins are sweet, but I think it is in the temperment of the bird so don't give up. There are plenty more out there.
I have only had bantam ee's and had a similar experience with their temperment. I ended up getting rid of the ee roos and kept a cochin roo and a mixed bantam roo. Both are very sweet and tame and ohhh sooo gentle with the girls and people.
We actually have a silkie roo in with our standard girls that can get an attitude at times. But since he is a bantam he doesn't do much harm (although in the summer I will have to wear long pants around him). And he "gets the job done" just fine with the standard girls so if you want fertile eggs and don't care about mixed breeding I'd get rid of the standard and keep the bantam.

Also, we have two Wheaton Maran Roos that have never acted aggressively toward us at all. Good thing too because they are big birds and if they started coming at me like the bantam roo does, I'd be pretty darn scared myself!
My beautiful roo whom I've raised from the shell is attacking me too. Someone in another chicken group suggested that I grab him by his feet and carry him around hanging upside down for a minute and that will let him know who's boss. I'm afraid that will PISS HIM OFF EVEN MORE!! So far I have been kicking him away from me when he attacks but the other day I went in and when he started the "dance before the attack" I reached down and held my hand on his back and pushed down lightly, he knelt there calmly but when I let go he jumped and attacked. I GOT THE HECK OUTTA THERE!
unfortunitally his name may just be dinner. But I'm sooooo steamed he's my only EE roo and my only large roo. He allows the bantum brahma roo to try doing his thing. but not the silkie roo. and my brahma and silkie roos are nice but so was he till I butchered my other EE roo for being mean! see what I mean, I'm so ready to scream!
I have NO patience for evil roosters. If he lived here, he'd be gone. And I've got rid of PLENTY of roos and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

Once you find a "good" rooster, you'll never ever put up with the attacking again. I have 3 right now that I think are the greatest ever, a BCMarans Roo who is the biggest gentle giant and so so sweet, and 2 OEGB roos that my 3 year old daughter carries around constantly....all are just barely a year old. I have 26 straight run chicks in the brooder and if any of the roos planning on living a long life here, they'd better be awful darn respectful as they grow up.

Get rid of the evil rooster!

ETA: Those additudes will breed down to future generations. Why would you want to breed something with an ill attitude that could possibly pass that characteristic down?
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good point in ur ETA, please decode the chicken breeds for me I'm slow at learning the breed codes. BCMarans and OEGB??? I have thought about Marans cause they lay choc. eggs, right? :eek:)

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